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The Bauchi State Debt Management Agency was established on the 30th of December, 2009 via a Debt Management Agency Law ‘’2009’’ enacted by the Bauchi State House of Assembly. The Agency is responsible for the efficient management of the state government’s debt portfolio and provides advice on a sustainable debt management practice. Among the mandate of the Agency as articulated in the Debt Management (Establishment) Law 2009 specifies that the Agency shall:

  • Maintain a reliable database of all loans taken or guaranteed by the State, its agencies and Local Governments;
  • Prepare and submit to the Governor, a forecast of debt service obligations for each financial year;
  • Prepare a schedule of any other State Government obligations such as contractor and supplier debts, pension liabilities, loans from the Federal Government and other contingent liabilities, both explicit and implicit, and provide advice on policies and procedures for their management;
  • Prepare and implement a strategy for the efficient management of the  external and domestic debt obligations at sustainable levels compatible with desired economic activities for growth and development and participate in negotiations aimed at realizing those objectives;
  • set guidelines for managing State Government financial risks and currency exposure with respect to all loans;
  • advise the State Government on the restructuring and re-financing of all debt obligations;
  • establish and maintain relationships with international and local financial institutions and institutional investors, donor agencies and the DMO.